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At Glow Aesthetics by Dora, we believe in enhancing your confidence and natural beauty. Our range of aesthetic treatments are tailored to help you achieve your goals. As an advanced-level aesthetic nurse practitioner and NMC-registered nurse specialist BSc(Hons), I am dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments for your well-being.

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Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Experience the muscle  relaxing properties that reduce dynamic lines in facial expression.

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Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Indulge in our Skin Rejuvenation Treatments for a revitalized and radiant complexion

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Microneedling Treatments

Unlock smoother, youthful skin with our Microneedling Treatments, designed to enhance skin texture

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Dermal Filler Treatments

Experience the plumping and volumising effect with our Premium range dermal filler treatments.

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Chemical Peel Treatments

Transform your skin with our Chemical Peel Treatments, unveiling a renewed and radiant complexion.

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LED Light Therapy Treatments

Illuminate your skin's natural beauty with our LED Light Therapy Treatments, promoting a revitalized complexion


I'm Dora, the founder of Glow Aesthetics by Dora. I am a registered specialist practitioner and prescriber with the NMC. I have a dual qualification in both adult and children’s nursing. I am  passionate about helping my patients look and feel their best. Following a thorough face-to-face consultation I will create a customised treatment plan and will support and advise you every step of the way to achieve your goals. If a treatment is not indicated I will advise you of this and any contraindications that may trigger complications. I will say no, delay, or discuss with you an alternative.

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At Glow Aesthetics by Dora, we understand that taking the first step towards aesthetic treatments can be daunting. We work closely with each patient to develop personalised treatment plans that meet their individual needs and goals. We will ensure you have time to consider your treatment/plan before booking your treatment, and if you think of a question during that time, just call or message—we are always here for you. You will never feel rushed and will always feel listened to in the clinic. Everything will be explained at every step of your journey.

Dora administrating botox filler in Crawley


Rejuvenating skin treatment by Glow aesthetics


Micro needling  treatment by Glow aesthetics Crawley


Wrinkle Relaxing


Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Microneedling Treatments

A woman getting filler injection


Dermal Filler


Skin peel treatment by Dora at Glow aesthetics Crawley


Blue light therapy treatment by Dora


Chemical Peel Treatments

LED Light Therapy Treatments

Botox Injections

Dora was honest with the treatment I required and explained all the potential side effects, talking me through my options until we agreed a plan. During the lip filler treatment she talked me through every stage - this has been my least painful filler to date. Very helpful, informative and I definitely recommend.

Lucy .M. Age 44

Members of Complications in medical aesthetics collaborative
Part of Aesthetics Complications Experts group
Glow aesthetics covered by Cosmetic Insure
Glow aesthetics part of the regarded practitioner accreditation
Glow aesthetics part of the Nursing Midwifery council
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